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The Dental Centre is a family dental practice that has been providing holistic, patient-centered dental care in Broken Hill since 1984. Operating from modern, state-of-the-art premises with a highly trained team of multi-skilled staff, our practice is able to offer a wide range of preventive, cosmetic and restorative procedures, providing the highest possible quality and care.


Child Dental Benefits Schedule

What is the Child Dental Benefits Schedule and is my child eligible?
The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is an Australian Government Medicare initiative that provides commonwealth funded capped benefits to eligible children. Children and teenagers can receive up to $1000 in benefits for dental services over two consecutive calendar years. Children and teenagers are eligible if they are:

  • Aged 2-17 years
  • Eligible for Medicare
  • Are part of a family that receives Family Tax Benefit Part A

Eligibility will be determined each calendar year. To check your child’s eligibility and balance you can call the practice or call the Medicare office on 132011, or log into your Medicare online account at my.gov.au

Child Dental Benefits Schedule
What services are covered and how do I access them?
Services covered by the CDBS include:

  • Examinations
  • Certain radiographs
  • Professional teeth cleaning
  • Fissure sealants
  • Fillings
  • Root canals
  • Extractions

Orthodontic services, cosmetic dental work, mouthguards and dental impressions are NOT covered by the CDBS.
To access any available funds for the CDBS you will need to make an appointment for your child with us. We will check their eligibility and available balance for our own records either before or at the appointment. Our dentist, Dr Greg Cocks and the team at The Dental Centre will discuss the proposed treatment including anything that is not covered by the CDBS. We will then ask you to sign a consent form and written proposed treatment plan on behalf of your child and then make the claim for the treatment here at the practice.
Please note that if your child is 6 years or older we might need to take a 3D Panoramic Cone Beam Radiograph of their teeth. This image allows us to check their sinuses and airways but most importantly the development of their adult teeth which may not have even come through yet. This image is entirely optional, however, it is not a service covered by the CDBS. The total cost of this imaging is $260.


QIP Accreditation


The Dental Centre is now QIP accredited. For more information about what this means for you, click here.


Accreditation by QIP

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