Bali Aid

In July 2005, a group of self funded volunteers from Australia travelled to Bali to provide dental care to disadvantaged children and their carers at the Islands Orphanage,Yappenatim, in the Gianyar mountain region.


The group was let by Broken Hill dentist Greg Cocks and included two dental hygienists, Sue Rusalen, Anne Campbell, her husband who was logistics officer and handyman, and their daughter.


Other members included Lesley Cocks and a number of dental auxiliaries from Adelaide, and a volunteer from New Castle.


During their time at the orphanage, they were able to treat every child and were also able to treat their teachers, caregivers, cook and domestic staff.


They followed the World Health Organisations protocol for foreign dental aid projects.


They saw 402 Patients, extracted 456 teeth, performed 14 surgical extractions, 113 prophesy, 365 restorations and 392 fluoride treatments.


The auxiliary team members took turns at chairside assisting, data recording, cleaning and conduction the all important oral hygienic classes and demonstrations.


Greg and his family and some friends established a small charitable organisation called SENYUM meaning ‘smiles all round’.


The aim of this group of volunteers is to provide dental services to disadvantaged children in remote areas of Australia and Indonesia.


They wanted the organisation to be sustainable and enduring and have visited Indonesia twice, New Guinea in 2010, and some remote aboriginal communities in Australia over the past 8 years.


SENYUM has maintained its relationship with Bali and was instrumental in setting up Anak Anak Bali, a medical and dental facility on the island to look after the many disadvantaged children in the area.


There is a 2 chair dental clinic at Bali Kids which is staffed by a local dentist and dental assistant and is set up to allow visiting dental volunteers to provide an ongoing and enduring service to the Balinese community.