Your normal toothbrush can only clean the surfaces that it can access; the bristles cannot reach all the way between your teeth in the narrow crevices. Not everybody uses floss successfully to clean these spaces, therefore interdental or interproximal brushes are a great and easy alternative to flossing.

Interdental brushes are small circular toothbrushes that you insert into the spaces between your teeth to clean the difficult to reach areas. Like floss only easier.

The little brushes remove plaque and food particles while also massaging the gums stimulating blood flow.

They can also be used around orthodontic braces or splints and anywhere a toothbrush cannot reach.

Interdental brushes should be used for daily in conjunction with your normal tooth brushing routine.

Always rinse the interdental brush in water between applications, avoid putting a dirty brush in a new interdental space.

They are also an excellent cleaning aid for those who wear braces or teeth that are splinted (wired together) because they clean between the teeth and under the wires where it is hard to get floss. They are also good to clean around and underneath bridges, artificial crowns and implants.

Like toothbrushes they are washed out and re-used until the bristles deteriorate or the wire has been bent several times. If you prefer, they can be disposed of after a single use.