Digital radiographs or x-rays are used in place of conventional x-rays with film. They enable us to detect cavities between your teeth or under any existing fillings or restoration’s, they depict accurately the bone level to assess healthy bone and areas of gum disease. Many things can be seen in digital x-rays as the images can be enlarged without losing quality.

Digital x-rays use about half of the exposure time as conventional x-rays, use less radiation and are visible on the screen almost instantly saving time.

The Dental Centre has digital x-ray units in every surgery. There are several benefits to using digital radiography:

Less Radiation – Exposing digital x-rays requires a lot less radiation than conventional x-ray’s, it is approximately 90% less radiation.

Time Efficient – The x-ray appears on the computer screen almost instantly, so no time is wasted waiting for a film to develop.

Higher Quality Image – Digital x-rays are produced with a high-quality resolution that can be magnified, colour and contrast can also be adjusted for better viewing.

Transferring Dental Records – Digital x-rays can be printed, copied to disk, or emailed to other dental practices if required.

Environmentally Friendly – With Digital radiography there are no chemicals for processing and developing the film as the image is transferred straight to a computer.