Teeth whitening can improve most common teeth stains and brighten your teeth, helping you to show the smile you want. These treatments are popular with adults of all ages, and are a safe and proven method to improve your smile.

At The Dental Centre, our experienced team use safe and reliable whitening systems to help our patients achieve their desired aesthetic results. As this treatment is only able to be performed by a registered health professional, you can be assured you will get the best results as compared to any over the counter whitening products.

We offer two types of teeth whitening:

  1. In chair laser teeth whitening using ZOOM! Whitening technology, performed by a qualified professional in a safe and regulated environment. This provides a fast and consistent result in one sitting, and we provide take home whitening kit to maintain the colour over time.
  2. Take home whitening kits prescribed by a qualified dentist. We will take detailed impressions of your mouth to create custom whitening trays, and supply your with a prescription only formulation of whitening gel to help you achieve the results you want.

These methods of tooth whitening use products which are only legally able to be performed by a registered health professional, and you can be assured of a predictable result.

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