Tooth brushing alone is not enough to remove all of the plaque and bacteria from your teeth. Flossing will remove the plaque and food particles where your toothbrush bristles cannot access. There are various types of dental floss and tape are available, you need to find one that suits you.

How to use Floss

  • Use a piece about 40cm long
  • Wind the ends around your middle fingers using most of the floss and leaving about an inch or two in the middle to work with.
  • Holding the floss taut between your thumbs and index fingers, gently slide it between the teeth
  • Work the floss up the side of one tooth as far as the gum line, gently curving it around the base of the tooth, making sure you go beneath the gum line until you meet resistance. Always be gentle and don’t force the floss.
  • Bring the floss back down and repeat on the side of the adjacent tooth.
  • The floss should have a scraping action on the side of the tooth.
  • Remove the floss, using your fingers as spools, unwind a clean section of floss and repeat between the next teeth.
  • Continue all the way around your mouth ensuring no areas are missed.